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The website (ISO 27001-Certification), hereinafter called site for brevity, is managed by Mrs. Evangelia (Guelly) Matharikou, daughter of Alexander (14 Webster St., Municipality of Athens, Zip code: 11742 TRN: 040035829) in service of both the aforementioned party’s sole proprietorship by the trading name “Diafimistiko Frontistirion” and the limited partnership “MATHARIKOU MODELS KIDS E. Matharikou L.P.”, trading name «MATHARIKOU MODELS», Modeling Agency and Advertising Support Services (13 Laskou St., Municipality of Philothei-Psychiko, Zip code: 15142, TRN: 800790020). Both undertakings are hereinafter called MATHARIKOU MODELS KIDS for brevity.

Personal data, namely any information that identifies you as an individual or can identify you directly or indirectly, which you provide on a voluntary or mandatory basis on entering the site or registering for various applications related to provided services, and any additional personal information that you may be prompted to provide later, is collected, processed, transmitted, stored and used by us, in our capacity as data controllers, and by service providers, including those executing the processing of personal data.

MATHARIKOU MODELS takes the protection of your privacy and personal data very seriously and has put in place all necessary measures to safeguard the security and confidentiality of data pertaining to its site’s visitors/users. Please read the present Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy carefully in order to be acquainted with the information gathered from you when you visit the site or use our e-services, the information which is posted on the site, the use of such information and your rights. These terms may be improved, updated or modified in whole or in part at any time.

The present Policy (and any special terms of data processing as may be agreed in the context of each project of co-operation or transaction) is governed by the provisions of Regulation (EE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the 27th April 2016 with regard to the protection of natural persons from the Processing of Personal Data and the free movement of such data and the repealing of Directive 95/46/ΕC, hereinafter for brevity called GDPR, Act 4624/2019 (Data Protection Authority, measures implementing the GDPR), Act 3471/2006 (Protection of personal data and privacy in the area of electronic communications and amendment of Act 2472/1997), as may be effective, and by the relevant decisions of responsible authorities and officials.

The present Policy is by way of information to data subjects in compliance with articles 13-14 of the GDPR. If you have any queries regarding the present Policy or, more generally, the modalities of collection and processing of your personal data by MATHARIKOU MODELS, please contact us by email at:


1. What personal data do we collect and how?

Our site conveys information on the services we provide to models and to advertising, public entertainment, production or casting firms and does not prompt visitors/users to provide/enter any personal information. However, merely by visiting and browsing the site certain information which can identify you directly or indirectly may be collected automatically, such as:

• your computer’s internet protocol (ΙΡ) address,
• the type of your browser software and operational system,
• the websites you visited immediately before and after your visit,
• the speed of your connection and information about software programmes installed in your computer,
• basic connection information to the server, and,
• information gathered through HTML cookies, Flash cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies (see section on Cookies below).

In regard to automatically collected information during browsing the site, please desist from visiting if you do not desire such information to be collected or stored.


Information you provide directly to us:


In case visitors/users wish to contact MATHARIKOU MODELS, either:
a. by email at volunteering information themselves, or,
b. through the application providing their:
• full name,
• location,
• contact information (phone, e-mail address),
• age, photograph or video.

Promotional actions.

In the context of past co-operation or dealings with MATHARIKOU MODELS, with your express prior consent, we may from time to time send messages at the e-mail address you provided to us or call or text your telephone about news and events. By using this site, without prejudice to the legislation on consent to receive electronic communications for direct commercial promotion purposes, you expressly consent to all the aforementioned instances of processing of your personal data. If you do not wish or no longer wish to receive such information at any time please notify us immediately at You are free to withdraw your consent at any moment.

We may collect personal information from various sources, through the site, the social media or trademark channels, including but not limited to instagram, facebook, youtube by using strictly necessary data (image, voice, performance).

Posting of photographs and videos.

Moreover, after informing and obtaining the express consent of the legal representatives of underage models, and of the models themselves, MATHARIKOU MODELS may process published data (photographic or audiovisual) received by third parties, clients or advertising, public entertainment, production or casting firms. You may freely revoke your consent to all or any of the foregoing at any time, in which case the photographs or videos showing only the minor you represent will be deleted. Furthermore, in case the photographs/videos show more than one minor, your refusal to consent to displaying the minor you represent or the withdrawal of such consent later, will not prevent the reception of the photographs/videos – or, respectively, will not cause the removal thereof –, but the image of the concerned minor (face and body) will be blurred so as to render said minor unidentifiable.

For statistical analysis:

In order to learn more on how visitors use the site, we keep aggregate records of and analyze the data we collect. This information may be used, for instance, to monitor and analyze the use of the site, enhance functionality or better arrange its content and design to adapt to the needs of our visitors.


The legal representatives grant their express consent for the processing of information pertaining to minors by MATHARIKOU MODELS for the purposes specified in the present, and are solely liable for their security. When collecting information directly from you, we pay special attention to identifying which of the collected personal data pertain to minors. At any rate, in case we find that we have collected any personal information from minors less than 15 years old without a verifiable parental consent, pursuant to the provisions in article 21 Act 4624/2019, we shall delete this information from our database as soon as possible informing the minor’s legal representatives or/and parents accordingly. If you believe that we may have collected information from minors less than 15 years old, please contact us without delay.


2. Purposes of processing.

We collect, process, use and store your personal data:

• To verify your information on our part when you log on to our site, our applications or our wi-fi;
• To provide our services to you (selection, profiling, identifying and proposing projects for co-operation, representation, negotiation, collection of royalties/fees);
• To meet legal obligations (enter contracts, tax and social security obligations);
• To comply with applicable law;
• To support IT purposes;
• To support business procedures.

3. Legal bases for data processing.

The legal bases for data processing are directly associated with the intended purpose. When your information is collected in order to provide services, the legitimacy of processing is assessed in the context of contract performance and in light of the consent granted on behalf of minors. The collection of your identification details is necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations. The processing of your information for promotional purposes is based on your consent. Furthermore, depending on the nature of processing, it may also rely on other legal bases in article 6 of the GDPR (e.g. our legal interests) or in article 9, when processing pertains to special categories of personal data (e.g. express consent in case you share health details pertaining to minors).


4. How your personal data is shared and with whom.

We respect your right to protect your privacy and any information regarding you or minors; therefore, we use this information for the foregoing purposes. We do not disclose, transmit or make accessible to third parties the information pertaining to you. To provide our services, we share data by way of physical, paper records or by issue of access credentials for electronic access a. with our employees and associates, b. following targeted communication by email with our clients and suppliers (advertising, production, casting firms, etc.), and, c. via the with longstanding customers by issuing access credentials of limited duration.

Furthermore, we publish strictly necessary data (face, body or/and performance) to the public through promotional actions on websites and social media, including but not limited to instagram, facebook, youtube.
Your information is transmitted to other European Economic Area countries or countries that meet the legal requirements and safeguards or by signing separate agreements to ensure an appropriate level of data security (signing Model Contract Clauses).

We may have to share personal data with state agencies or/and Judicial or Independent Authorities in order to comply with legal obligations or court orders.
Information pertaining to you may be made available to other companies, applications or persons in the following circumstances:

• We may disclose aggregate information or information that does not identify you directly to third parties in order to develop content and services on our site. Please note that your contact details are not disclosed to third parties in any way whatsoever.
• We may use third parties now or in the future to provide services related to the site such as data base management, maintenance services, analytics, data processing or distribution of e-mail and text messages. Said third parties will have access to information pertaining to you only to the extent required for the execution of the foregoing tasks on our behalf with express contractual commitments to protect your privacy and personal data.
• We may disclose information pertaining to you in case of acquisition or merger of MATHARIKOU MODELS with another company or a similar business transaction. However, in such event, you will be informed by a visible notice on our site or receive relevant information at the email address you provided to us, prior to the transmission of the information regarding you or the adoption of a different personal data protection policy, in general.
• We may disclose information pertaining to you in order to investigate, deter or take steps in regard to illegal activities in case of suspected undue conduct or indictable offenses against the rights or interests of any individual or legal entity or of infringement of the Terms of Use of our site or if required to do so by law as well as on other occasions when we believe in good faith the disclosure of information to be necessary.
• We may disclose information pertaining to you to respond to subpoenas, search warrants, court proceedings, court orders, legal proceedings or other law enforcement measures by any responsible authority, including the Data Protection Authority and the Supervisory Data Protection Authorities of other European Union member states, as well as to protect and defend our legal rights or to dispute claims raised against us.

Please note that third parties may independently collect information pertaining to you, including your IP address or information about the websites you visit or the links you click on, via cookies or “clicks” on links or by other means during your visit. For more information, read the section “Cookies” below. In case you provide us with personal data pertaining to third parties, you warrant that you have informed such parties about the purposes and the ways in which we have to process said parties’ personal data.

5. Links to other websites.


The articles and messages displayed on our site include links to other websites. The foregoing information about personal data protection applies solely to our site. Please pay attention to what linked websites report on the subject of personal data protection. We bear no liability for and do not endorse any third party website content which is provided through links or displayed in special ways. All liability for illegal, problematic or deficient content in linked websites or for damage arising from the use or failure to use the information in said websites is borne solely by the provider thereof.

6. Duration of personal data retention.


MATHARIKOU MODELS shall retain the collected personal data for the time strictly necessary to meet the foregoing processing purposes or to comply with the legislation in force or with restriction agreements or the terms of the present Policy. Automatically collected information is kept for a period of up to 12 months after which it may be stored in non-identifiable summary format. In case you revoke your consent for the collection and processing of your personal data, we will erase your data from our digital or physical records, unless keeping said records is necessary in order to comply with legal obligations or to exercise, establish or defend our rights or legal interests before the courts. When processing is stipulated by the effective statutory framework, your personal data will be stored for as long as the relevant provisions stipulate. When processing proceeds on a contractual basis, your personal data is stored for the length of time required to perform the contract or to establish, exercise or/and defend any legal claims arising from the contract. When processing proceeds in order to satisfy a demand originating from you, we will process your data for the time required to respond to your demand. When processing proceeds in the context of promotional actions or marketing, we will be processing your data until such time as you revoke your consent and ask to not receive further advertising messages from us.

7. Data security.

We fully commit to ensuring the security of your personal data. You may rest assured that all appropriate technical and organizational measures are put in place to ensure the security of your data, confidential processing and protection from accidental or undue destruction/loss/alteration or prohibited transmission or access or any other form of undue processing, unauthorized or illegal access or processing. Said measures are regularly checked for their responsiveness and adequacy (ISO 27001-Certification). Although we use our best efforts to protect your personal data, since the transmission of information on the internet can never be absolutely safe, we cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted to the websites of clients or suppliers.

We bear no liability for third party personal data protection practices or the content and security provided by third parties, notwithstanding any written agreements we sign.

The security of your data also depends on you. In case you are issued or choose your own access credentials to access our services through our site or/and our applications, you are responsible for keeping the confidentiality of said access credentials. We ask you to refrain from sharing said credentials with anyone else. We use our best efforts to ensure the safe use of our site and applications to the fullest possible extent. We urge you to impart no confidential information when using email. For your own protection, our replies by email will not include any confidential information. Third party social media that offer interactive activities, additions or social networking functions (e.g. to allow you to connect to Facebook or Google in order to find Friends to be added as links or Likes in websites) may use cookies or other methods (e.g. web beacons) to collect information about the use of our site and applications. The use of such information by third parties depends on the personal data protection policy available on the social medium’s website and we urge you to peruse it carefully. Third parties may use such cookies or other tracking methods for their own purposes to associate information on the use of our site with any personal data pertaining to you that may be available to them. We may also receive information about analytics from social networks that will help us measure the effectiveness of our content and advertisements in social media (e.g. number of heats and clicks).


8. Rights.

You may exercise the following rights by placing a request with Mrs. Guelly Matharikou, Data Controller, email address:, contact number: 2109219653, postal address Webster St. 14, Municipality of Athens, Zip code 11742:

right of access, ask to review your personal data which is subject to processing by us or on our behalf to find out which personal data we process, for what purposes and who may receive such data,
right to rectification, rectify any discrepancies or inaccuracies of your data,
right of erasure (right to be forgotten), to have your personal information erased from our records provided, however, that processing is no longer necessary or the retention of your data is not required in order for us to comply with legal obligations or defend our legal interests at court,
right to restrict processing, in case the accuracy of your data is in doubt,
right to portability, receive your data in a structured and commonly used format,
right to object, in case you do not wish that your data be used for direct commercial promotion purposes of our services.
We will use our best endeavors to respond to any relevant request within thirty days as from its reception. However, in case that, due to the complexity of your request or the volume of information, it is impossible to satisfy your request within thirty days, we pledge to inform you in writing within the above deadline of the reasons for the delay and to use our best efforts to satisfy your request as soon as possible and, at any rate, within two more months.
MATHARIKOU MODELS reserves the right to not satisfy your request in case it is thought to be blatantly unfounded or extravagant informing you of the reasons for such refusal. At all events, you may lodge a complaint about the exercise of your rights with the Data Protection Authority (



What are cookies and why do we use them?

They are small pieces of information stored in computers in order to recognize browser software when browsing websites. Device identifiers are gathered from available system information that may include IP addresses, user-agent information (issue of browser software, type and edition of operational system) or identifiers created from devices, such as Apple identifiers for advertisers, Apple identifiers for suppliers, Google Android identifiers or Google PlayStore ad identifiers. Cookies and similar technologies may help memorize data such as user identifiers and preferences. The use of cookies helps our site memorize information about your visit, collecting useful information on your search preferences. As a result, your search experience will be improved the next time you visit. To provide our range of services to you, our organization and service providers collect traffic data, the IP address, your device software, the type of server you use when surfing, and information on the way you use the website (as, for instance, the day and time of connection and disconnection) which is created during your use of our site. In addition, cookies help us monitor our site’s performance and the number of visits, improving the site’s presentation and content in accordance with visitor preferences.


What cookies we use.

Some or all the cookies described below may be stored on the browser software. You may see and manage cookies in the browser software (though browser software for mobile devices may not offer this visibility). The following cookies may be used in our site.

1. Strictly necessary:

Technically necessary cookies are essential for the proper operation of our site; they allow you to browse the site and use its functions. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies we are unable to provide an effective operation of our site. Moreover, these cookies allow our site to remember your choices such as font size in order to provide enhanced and customized functions.

2.Performance cookies - Google Analytics:

These cookies collect information on the way you use our site, for instance, which websites you visit more often. These cookies collect aggregate anonymous data which do not identify visitors. They are used solely to improve our site’s performance.

3. Search Console:

These cookies collect aggregate anonymous data on proper operation and possible errors in our site, for instance, if users seek earlier editions or if certain files have been violated.

You do not wish the use of cookies?

Through your browser software settings you may block all cookies or indicate when to send a cookie; nevertheless certain functions or services may not function properly without cookies. More information about the types of cookies is available at If you wish to learn how to control or remove cookies, you may consult

10. Communication.

If you have any queries regarding the present Policy or the activities of MATHARIKOU MODELS, in general, you may contact us by email at: or by post at 14 Webster St., Municipality of Athens, Zip code: 11742.


11. Changes to the present Policy.

MATHARIKOU MODELS reserves the right to modify the present Policy always in compliance with the applicable legal rules on the protection of privacy and personal data. Our site visitors should read our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy regularly in order to be informed of any changes and we pledge to keep our visitors and users informed by all appropriate means, in compliance with the requirements of effective legislation and the relevant decisions of responsible authorities and officials. The Courts of Athens have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising from the present terms or the construction thereof (as per express prorogation of any other jurisdiction).