In 1983 Eleni Matharikou started this endeavor with the peculiar name “Frontistirion”, which, for most people, simply meant “school”.

Only advertisement professionals understood that “Frontistirion” in the official Greek language was used to describe the curation and organization of a final mock-up of ideas in advertising, before their execution; The process of tending to every object and face, before the final click of the photographer. She was the only woman, who, for so many years, was taking care of publications, such as “PEIRAIKIS PATRAIKIS”, through her position in the creative department of ADEL, an advertisement company in its prime.

1983 signaled the start of her own advertisement endeavor, which, with the passing of the years, evolved to a specialized kids model agency. The photographic accomplishments followed the ones on the tv and radio, as well as the subsequent introduction of new kinds of spectacle productions. Clients from the advertising business, since then, remain loyal to our services because of our thoroughness and diligence.

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Mother to daughter, the story continues and our trajectory brings changes. In 1995 our name becomes ‘MATHARIKOU MODELS KIDS’ under the management of Guelly Matharikou.

Our experience in spectacle productions has fostered many generations and our relations with our associates remain active. Some of the people who have supported us in long term collaborations, since their childhood, have allowed us to create our Adult Team; A fact that brings us great joy.




Meanwhile, the market’s needs require new services and regress to the core of society, family. A pre-existing idea which was realized in 2016.

We are delighted to present a wonderful family section. Many of them have already taken part in advertisements such as VASILOPOULOS SUPERMARKETS, VODAFONE etc. Τhe families presented in those projects welcomed this experience as a unique opportunity.


Specialization is very important to us. We specialize in kids modeling. Through the eyes of those amazing beings, our hearts fill with joy, simply because of their existence and even more, because of their skill and charm! We love our youngsters and we offer them a glance in the magic world of beauty. Knowing their busy day-to-day schedule, we are proud to give them a chance to discover their talents. If they enjoy it, we move forward but if they don’t, we do not pressure them in any way.

So, our philosophy is based on promoting the abilities of our children, whose spontaneity keeps our clients content. We know that advertisers look for smart and free-spirited personalities. We are very happy to keep expanding our team with kids and parents.

We thank them, they are amazing!

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